Our company operates on chemical analysis since 1986 offering customers the reliability and confidence in the results .

Annually manage a large volume of samples from a wide clientele of public and private organizations and individuals . While working with the major oil companies (SHELL, BP, AVIN OIL, JET OIL, AEGEAN OIL, ELIN OIL, EKO , etc.) to ensure the quality of migrants from those of liquid fuels and the chemical control of wastewater . With Auth (Department of Geology ), as well as the University of Potsdam (GERMANY), with OASTH for quality control monitoring on fuel and water and with many other companies.

The CHEMICO features include:

  • Laboratory fuels (for chemical and microbiological analysis of all types of fuels and oils )
  • Contaminating Food Laboratory (to determine pesticide residues , toxins , vitamins and various contaminants in agricultural products, food and feed)
  • Laboratory of Food nutrition labeling (for chemical analysis of food and nutrition labeling them )
  • Department of Environment (for chemical analysis in water , waste, soil, leaves and plant tissues )
  • Residues Laboratory (to determine pesticide residues in agricultural products and foodstuffs)
  • Microbiology Laboratory
  • Laboratory Genetic modification (for detection of GMOs in seeds , agricultural products, food and feed)
  • Department of Gas Free ( for controlling explosive gases at various venues )

The scientific excellence of our chemical and our professional activity in the field of chemical analyzes with twenty years experience in relation to the technological equipments calibrated give the “CHEMICO” credibility , trust and reliability.